Whats wrong with dating a rich guy???

I think you have gotten the concept of money wrongly. They say that money does not buy you happiness, or that money is evil. The truth of the matter is that money buys happiness. Well not all but at least some of it. Take this instance, a young boy or girl who desperately wants to go to school and lacks money to do so simply because his parents are as poor as a church mouse. they simply stay in a state of peradventure until someone comes and offers to pay their school fees. in this instance, money has given them happiness. Take this other instance, a poor family sleeping in the cold, until one day some filthy rich person takes charge and buys them a house. Wouldn’t you love to go on a trip to Bahamas for holiday or drive a posh car all over town? What’s stopping you? Money of course. This is my perception. Money is good, the love of it is evil. It is when you place your entire self on money and do evil things to get it, that is what is evil.

So now after that long explanation, let me get back to my juicy story. I am amazed each time a person gets hooked to a rich guy or woman the kind of rumors that go on. Well, even Sauti sol have composed a great track, money lover to hit the nail on the head. And another one,’ If you don’t love me now, don’t love me later.’ I swear to God, this is one of the most agitating songs I have ever heard. If I had the power to make you wake up and write the song that gave you those millions then I believe that my walking out was worth it. It has made you realize the potential that you had all that while you chose to sit down. Anyway, don’t spoil my mood. I was just explaining the reasons why I feel people should let me be now that I have been found by this rich cool guy.  I am in no mood to give a thousand explanations of why I want all of these critics to leave me alone so that I can enjoy my relationship.


The guy is really great, humble unlike a thousand and one hustlers that I meet everyday. The man is dangerously handsome, with a killer smile that can raise the dead from the grave. Chaaaaiiiii…I feel like I can make that Nigerian acclamation at this point. Of course, these are some of the things that a Nairobi girl like yours truly moi looks for but there is one particular thing that I like about this guy: his personality. Unlike the so called men who have resigned to hustling as a profession, this man is focused, hardworking and determined. You can feel it every time he talks. he knows exactly what he wants and goes for it. I think they were right when they said, Birds of the same feather flock together. I too am like that. I, unlike you, am focused, determined and really know what I want in life. You on the other hand are a busy body, sitting all day long on the coach, waiting for someone to give you a hand out while you gossip about the women who have left you simply because of your ‘misfortune.’ Get a life man. Don’t you have two hands, two feet, two eyes, two legs and a brain that functions very well? I believe, you have. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know the latest movies that are on cinemas right now..I wonder, what if you used that same energy to think of something that can help you, what would happen? You would be far, very far. Let me help you envision how your future would have been. You would be driving the latest car, helping everyone around you, no broke seasons whatsoever, you would have any woman you want, just by beckoning their name..Wouldn’t you like that? I know that you like that? i know that you would. So instead of going around mourning about your life, wanting everyone to throw a pity party for you, style up, grow up and come to the realization that time won’t wait for you forever. No father would want to subject their daughters to your misery. At least not mine, and I too would not allow myself to wallow in your sorrow and be lied to by a packet of Novita, coupled with a few pecks here and there to prove that you love me. I want a man, a hardworking man with a vision and purpose. In the meantime, I give you permission to keep on talking, when you finish come and ask me for bus fare on your way home!!!

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