Cheating is wrong, it will never be right..stop sugar coating it


I have read so many blogs now, let me see, I can’t count how many but just know there are many blogs which have now come up to justify the reasons as to why people should cheat. They say we do so because the other partner is not there for the other, others say it’s because life is adventurous, others say that its a free world, bla bla bla. The worst form of excuse that I have heard so far is that we are doing it because other people are doing it…This excuse makes me so red hot mad. You’d think that the entire hell has come to camp on my you mean to say that you are just like a flag that goes to and fro being tossed by the wind to whichever direction it pleases.? No, that example didn’t hit you well to how you how stupid you sound when you give such excuses. Picture this, you look like a tiny chihua hua dog being held by its master, no worse, a donkey being beaten for its stupidity to turn around to whichever direction the owner pleases.. In short , you are a slave, you are in prison.



As much as you want to sugar coat it, cheating is wrong and it will never be right. Am not saying this in a judgmental tone. Forgive me if I sound that way. Its just people who are making me write with so much anger and trying to make you realize why it can never be right. Marriage is hard. For those of you who are dreaming when you’ll get married, I want to give you some piece of advice to think about. A marriage ring is like a little hand cuff that ties your body, soul and spirit to one person for the rest of your life. So unless you have pictured yourself being together with that man or woman for the rest of your life, through thick or thin, when he/she has anything or not..Kindly don’t subscribe..I’d rather you burn with passion than enslave yourself. I am passionate about marriage. I believe marriage is great provided that the two people come into some form of agreement of how they are going to build their lives together. What boundaries will they place, how will they relate with others who are not within their sphere. Once you get to this place, there is no turning back my friend. If you do, you are bringing problems not only to you but to your entire generation both born and unborn. You chose that man or woman, no one helped you in that decision unless you were forced to do so. So don’t give us those lame excuses that she is working, he doesn’t have time for me..all that is crap..Work ways to make your marriage work. Or else… Let me tell you what will happen once you bite this forbidden fruit.

Number one. You endanger the life of that young girl or boy, (no wonders by the way its both ways) I hear that even small campus boys are getting hooked up with married women for pleasure and money. Nkt. I know that life is hard, but brother boy and sister girl, have some DIGNITY!!! thats your mum, thats your dad. Thats your uncle or aunt, worse, your grandfather or mother. The husbands or wives doing this are damning the lives of these precious souls. Let me tell you, you will never be happy making another person unhappy. The tears of the children and the wife or husband of that man or woman will come back to haunt you. It will destroy everything.. Kharma or God, whoever you believe in, will avenge for those tears, so you better keep off anything that wears a ring, and for the purpose of this blog, a wedding ring. One day you will marry or shall get married. Someone too outside will snatch your man or woman the same way you snatched the other. your children will lack a father or mother, the same way you did it to another house. Its really not fair but like they say in Swahili, mtoto akililia wembe mpe..Sometimes its experience that will teach us not to play with fire.

Number two. You are stupid. If you are a young woman or man doing this, you are an imbecile. Don’t you ever call yourself smart. I hear that university students are called the cream de la cream of the society. They brag about everywhere with their head knowledge of the things they have learnt in school, trying to shock us. Well, I too was at the university however, by God’s grace I made the right choice and provision always comes. Let me ask you, where do you want to see yourself, five years from now?Do you think that that man or woman that you are sleeping around with will marry you?Heelll noo..No married person will leave the other for you. And if you successfully do so, you will never be happy. You are just wasting your time. By the time you wake up and smell the coffee, you’ll be too old to even begin dating. All the people who would have made up great marriage materials will be gone. You’ll b left all alone, with a cold bed to sleep on. C’est a triste affaire 🙁

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