Where did true love go??…..Its such a cold world




Love. That four letter word is so powerful. Men, have you ever seen two people in love. I mean, real love not that love where you can smell a dead rat somewhere and that there is something not adding up. They kiss each other everywhere in the streets, look at each others eyes when they speak, if you try to attack one of them you’ll see fire. They can’t watch you say a nasty word against the other. They can actually die for each other. Have you ever heard of people who committed suicide simply because the other person left them or their significant other died? As much as people would call it madness, I call it love. The madness of love. Love makes you do strange things. Have you ever been in love? You would go to hell for one person and come back. Let me be realistic. Harriet, come back home. Only Jesus did that. No one else can match him. Lol.

Why am I writing on love today?Lord help me please. The fire of love has grown cold. It is rare nowadays to find people in love, I mean real genuine love. that one for you love someone for who they are with no strings attached. Its hard to find it. yes, we are drawn to people by many thing. For one, I love intelligent people. I can’t stand stupidity. I can’t stand a lazy bone. No that one haiwesmek with me. So let me not lie. Am a culprit there. As far as love is concerned, much wisdom is needed, and you cant walk together with anyone you don’t agree with. Thats how it is. So for me, I believe that people fall in love with who they are on the inside. Its call love agreement. Chances are that if your partner is lazy, bad, violent all of those nasty words, there is something on the inside of you that needs to be corrected. Thats what I heard. So am writing what I heard because am also affected by that which I heard. I have met idiots, been broken by idiots. Really taught me a lot. Try not to attract idiots.

However, that was not what I wanted to write about. I am afraid that there is a anomaly in the society presently. Perfect love casts all fear. When someone says that they love you, am not supposed to be thinking that they love me because I look like a model, or I have a fat bank account or my job is great or my house is great or other things.When I hear someone saying that they cheated because their wife was fat or because their husband suddenly lost the job they had, or some other lame reason I wonder where the state of marriage is going. We need commitment. We need understanding in marriage. It has to be something bigger than what is on the outside that makes us stick with each other. Why did you get involved with the person if you knew you wouldn’t last that long? I am not being judgmental hear. To be honest, am still single but I empathize today with my married men and women. Today I take no sides. I am hanging on the fence. Very gray like a zebra. Its very unfair to waste someone’s life like that.

Before you begin any journey, you must calculate whether you are able to finish the entire thing. Unfortunately, we have become such an emotional society that if it doesn’t feel good we walk out. Sometimes not all that glitters is gold. We love learning through horrible experiences that when we understand that life is fire and if you touch it the wrong way it will burn you. I love soap operas for one thing. They give me hope that such love exists or can happen. All it takes is an agreement between the two people and much strength from God that they will stick to each other through thick and thin. If you are not that kind of a person as a single person, you will never be in marriage. If you don’t stick out for your pals in famine, you will never do so to your wife or husband. Don’t think you’ll change. Stop looking for that right person, concentrate on being the right person and you’ll attract the right guy or chick. Wait. Where did I hear this quote too? That not original my friends, I heard it from somewhere and am sharing LOl. Don’t ask me to explain why there are good girls or men who get hooked up to the wrong people and you wonder how in the world did these two people meet. Frankly I don’t know what happens there except that love happened. Its people’s choices unfortunately. We need to see more people who love each other whether they are fat or thin, light or as black as a Sudanese(no offense to any Sudanese who will read this article) just a simile :), with or without money, just loving their love life and the person they have married or are married to. In swahili we say, itakuwa siku njema..Real love is about commitment not buying roses which is nice, I love chocolates very much thanks, thats the real thing. Have a great love life happy people

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