Heeyyy where did manners go to?????




When I look at how people especially young people behave I feel so heart broken. Not to say that I have no weaknesses that I have swept under the carpet but there are some things that just go overboard. Is it that our hearts have become so cold and we have become so self centered, ego centric or what has happened to us. I really tend to wonder. Back in the days when I was Still a child, (not to say that am that old, but I can be old enough to have a baby in kindergarten).Sometimes being a woman is tough because you have to hide your age not to look to old or too young for your prospective husband -to-be men. After reading the Njoki article, I have seen a number of women sweat off their socks trying to match up with the expectations of men. Some have spent all their savings trying to get to a gym and eat right and do all that nonsense for some man who is sitting down watching TV, eating popcorn while you go through all that hell…Ladies, its not worth it. Am not saying that you sit down and let yourself loose. No. Kindly note that such things end up destroying only you because a lot of fat has its own consequences. Lucky you, if you get a man who loves you the way you are and is willing to be flexible to adjust through all the changes that you go through. Such men are rare my friend, and when you get one, guard him with all your teeth. Like Suarez! However, do it for yourself, for your children, not just to get approval. Cheating is an addiction , like drinking alcohol, you can’t be drunk with it unless there is something in you drawing you to take alcohol.. SELAH. Anyway, that is not my story for today. It was just one of those ice breaker topics that go through my mind when am writing.


My beef today is that we lack manners. Where did the words like excuse me, thank you, welcome, sorry go to? Where did the word respect go to?Nowadays you find young kids talking to grown ups like they are age mates. You find them throwing words, feeling like they have some sense of entitlement. Truth be told, am also suffering from this disease. I am so blunt that at times, I get scared of myself and end up hurting many people in the process. Its not good. Parents and elders can provoke my friend, provoke you to the point where you want to say all the curse words in the world. But we have to remember where they brought us from and give them respect. It is the only command with a promise. Respect your parents. I wonder if  that is the reason why our generation has been plagued with a lot of troubles. We are dying young, we are in so much pain simply because of the one thing..



Another thing is the lack of thanksgiving. People have now become so obsessed with themselves that when you do a favor to someone they take it as if its their right. Its like you are their slave to do it. Take for instance, you pay someones fare or you stand to allow some grown up or some pregnant woman to sit down. Instead of saying thanks, they leave you hanging, in some instances they may even throw you down in the process of scrambling for what you were handing down. Worse is when someone gossips about you for some good thing you had done for them. The culture of thanksgiving is slowly diminishing like our dear elephants who are heartlessly being massacred by greedy poachers. Sad. Very sad indeed. My parents taught us to say thanks by the things they did for us. They would take back the favor if you failed to say thanks. I think this is the only remedy for some ingrates who cant even say thanks for the things you’ve done. Say thanks at least you have a wife, even if she is fat, she has given you children, you find warm meals, she takes care of the home, say thanks to her. Say thanks to your husband. He is not the best but at least note down the things that he has done to you, and say thanks not just by words by actions. Be there for them, respect them. Period!

Another word that is dwindling down is sorry. Oh my goodness, have you ever been walking to town and suddenly a man or woman knocks you down and simply walks away as if nothing happened?Or a stupid rich man splashes mad on you while showing off his new car and simply goes as if nothing happened?or someone lashes out on you and then when thing go well and they realize they are wrong they don’t have the courtesy to say sorry. This is what is destroying relationships. Its starts small small oohh..don’t think that you’ll wait to get married so that your manner develop. They say, Charity, the wise men, begins at home. If these things do not begin from home, then  am sorry to say this but the society is headed for doom. You don’t have to be a prophet to for see this. So please help us God.

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