Say No to being anyone’s mistress


The other day, I was out with my friends in a hotel when we saw a strange sight. I say strange because according to me and my pal, such sights are not pleasant and they call for an urgent address. It was a young woman, around 19 years of age with some old buffoon who had a big stomach or pot belly as they call it. That pot belly was big enough to carry like four kids if am not wrong, or maybe am exaggerating..I do exaggerate at  times for you to get the drift. I seriously hate pot bellies. I just don’t understand why men rare them as pets and yet they are a danger to their health and more so, they are damn UGLY!! Not to be insensitive , kindly don’t roast me over that remark, because I know that those  things are a burden to you, the carrier. Don’t you feel like you can fall carrying such a weight around? Anyway, I pity you. You’ll suffer the consequences alone.



That was just a detour.

The young dame was busy giggling with her ‘grandpa’ holding hands, kissing all over. I know, its none of my damn business but this incident really touched my heart to write this. I know that times are hard and everyone just wants to survive especially women. I know that marriages have become pretty boring and that some husbands want to feel the heat somewhere else but not with their wives. Why ? I can’t answer that.  I know this chick is so irresistible beautiful that she could beat Cleopatra and many other models in terms of beauty. By the way, why do they say that Cleopatra was the most beautiful woman on earth? Could someone help me with an answer to that one please :)? Thanks. I’m still trying to empathize with you. How you, oh man, laments about your wife who has now become as fat as a pig after bearing your children and taking care of the house that you now call a home. And the mistress involved cries of her lonely nights and how single men are unattractive, with no money, no purpose, boring, nags, lacking life…what else are you crying about?Kindly drop a comment below. I will gladly incorporate it here when I do my editing. I feel you my brother, my sister. But it is wrong.


My blog today is directed towards mistresses. I left the men alone because I know that if I deal with the women things will be straight and men will line up. Let me commence by giving you some definition of who a mistress is . According to wikipedia, a mistress was someone who was kept or maintained in a lavish lifestyle by a wealthy man for sexual pleasure..Sounds much like tissue paper to me. I mean, sorry but it’s true. You buy it, wipe yourself with it and flash the loo once you are done lol. Presently, a mistress is just a female lover of a married man. When I say married ,I have to be careful to clarify, that the man has to be married to a woman and not to another man. Let me not go further than this. That’s a topic for another day.

Say no to being someone’s mistress. Number one. It is a waste of time. I know deep in your heart you are a great woman, so focused, so intelligent, so pretty you can make a lame man walk by your beauty. If this is you, and you have many plans of getting ahead in life, please hear me out. I say this like your small or big sister. You are wasting you time and your life. One day, I was talking to another silly man who wanted me to be one of his plan Bs..I wanted to know why he wanted me to be his and he said he already has a family and just wants someone to have a good time with. NKT. That response made me almost slap the silliness out of him. How can you waste your time being with someone who has already established his life and wasting yours? You must be out of your mind. Have your own family instead of destroying another’s.


Number two. It is degrading. You do not look like some tissue paper to me. You are intelligent, beautiful, going somewhere with a  great future. Any man who wants you just as a mistress does not value or love you. They have a perception that women are just toys to be bought with money and a few toys here and there like a house and a car, or a promotion such small things. It is like the story of Esau selling his birthright for a bowl of madondo (bean stew)? I know you recall that story and go like what?Bean stew coz you are hungry?Well, it’s the same thing that you are doing. Trading your dignity for something that you can get on your own.

Number three. What you sow, you shall reap. They say Kharma but I say God is just and you will one day reap what you sow. Consider this. If this was your home and someone came and destroyed your family, what would you do?How would your children react if they found out that you were doing this? Can you see them cry when their father is leaving the house and leaving you? That is the damage that you are bringing. An intelligent woman like you ought to know that you are creating a cycle in the society. You are responsible for the fatherless children who will later one become bad men, beating their wives up, bringing havoc everywhere. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth it because you are the one who will suffer the consequences. For instance, you’ll raise that child alone once you are caught and the man vacates because you have now become useless to him. The man will go back to his lovely wife who will definitely forgive him for the sake of their family while you will be lonely, ashamed, guilty and all that crap…Worse, you might get HIV which is terrible. Why allow yourself to go through all that when you can have something better? Anyway, maybe experience is the best teacher in this case.  I say it like a woman who understands that you have feelings and needs that ought to be met. I am there too. I feel you but I know the consequences. That is why I keep my distance.


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