House husbands…Akh really???


Something shocked me this morning that made me rush to my blog and write. I was listening to some crazy discussions on the radio by Maina Kageni on the rise of house husbands. That many men in Kenya and all over our crazy world are now opting to become stay at home dads while their wives work like ants trying to foot in the family bills. To make things worse, they are complaining and seething in silent anger at how their wives are treating them with so much scorn because they are home doing nothing. They say that they require red carpet treatment even for just watching cartoons, eating the kid’s weetabix and of course playing video games with the children. After all, they are house husbands and still contributing to the family. Right? Can you believe this? And they are comfortable just to be at home, place their feet on the table and say they are the men of the house. NKT..frankly speaking, I find this amusing in a sick kind of way. .Such men deserve a thorough beating. If I were a man, I would not try that nonsense. Here are a few reasons why:



Number one. You are the man of the house, kindly act like one. To be a man is a very huge responsibility that God blessed you, if you want to take it that way with. A man takes care of his household. A man never allows his woman to look break her back trying to pay bills while he is sitting in the house like a rotten potato waiting for her to feed you. This generation has gotten it all wrong in the name of being digital. I vividly recall how we respected our fathers for the great work they did. If you had or raised by a father that is. We would eagerly wait for his arrival at the window as we knew that he had brought some goodies with him and that there was food too. My father came and still comes back home like a king who has just taken over territories and awaiting for his tribe to bow down and call him Lord after such a tough day. It was awesome. then we would tell him crazy stories while my mum prepared food for him. He deserved this treatment. He has proven that he indeed is the man of the house. Let me give you 411, something that you should ponder about. In this world respect is earned and not just dished out to you simply because you are a man. You have to step up and show who is boss in the house. By allowing your wife to go and hunt, because thats what she is doing, she is hunting while you stay at home wallowing in your stupid excuses that there are no jobs and that we should understand. There is nothing like understanding. Kindly step up!



Number two: It diminishes your value. Have you ever heard this popular adage that he who plays the fiddle determines the tune? By permitting your woman to take up the manly roles of providing for the family, you are simply reducing your authority in the house. You are saying to the woman take charge of the house, I am incompetent to carry out my manly duties. Therefore, don’t complain when she gives you orders and tells you how the money ought to be spent. Don’t complain when she kicks you out the house and brings in another man who is equal to the task that you have neglected by your slothfulness. Yours is not an isolated case my friend. I just pity the woman who was gullible enough to enter your box like a chicken with no brains. You don’t deserve that title. You don’t deserve the submission of any woman as frankly speaking you are a woman in man’s clothes. Akh!



Number three. You are a role model and a leader. Being a man is not just about being able to make some scores in the bedroom. It’s about leaving a legacy and showing your children the right way of living in this world. You can’t preach water and drink wine. You can’t tell your children to work hard in class and in their lives when you yourself can’t do the same. You just sit around and wait for your wife to come back from work and expect her to cook for you and after that massage your stupid pot belly. NKT. You are not even being fair you know. That is too much to ask for. A man always has means and you should prove that!



Number four. Your whole life and the existence of your family depends on it. Just because your wife is tolerating this now doesn’t mean that later on she will. Don’t cry when she comes home one day and packs her bags and leaves you. After all, you are the mistake that she regrets each time she sits down and chats with her friends about men. Let me brief you of their chit chats since sweetheart am a woman. They discuss the latest trends of fashion and what the man in their lives have brought them, where they are going out for holidays, where they will take their children to school, the cars that they have been given. All that girl stuff stories. Kindly, don’t call it materialistic. Its just being realistic. And what is real is that you are not doing any of these things. You have just opened a door for a man better than you to show up and pick up the pieces from where you left. He will start taking your wife out, buy her jewlery, pay for your kids school fees, simply because ..ops I forgot, a house husband you are..thanks for reminding me and wailing out loud that you are one. They will still respect you. After all, you have demanded that they do so. But you have lost your wife my friend. Keep on watching the Flintstones…If you have an ear, hear me ooo…


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    1. Thanks so much for the comment and support. It really makes me grow.the coming ones will be even much better…i promise to read yours as well..keep reading 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading my blog..Thanks so much for the encouragement. I’ll share it with as many guyz as possible…Lets encourage each other:)

  1. ha ha ha, people have interesting husbands, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, so there are people who prefer to pose in the house like a model. woi woi, these are some of the major causes of high blood pressure

    1. Imagine there are such men..I was shocked to hear about that..They juts want to sit and be fed by their women na kucomplain kila saa…and you dare not tell them anything..they deserve a thorough beating..Thanks my dear for reading . I totally appreciate, keep reading. God bless 🙂

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