Do you know the purpose of a wife Mr. Man???

I read a face book status that almost made me puke. Sorry for the gross language but thats the feeling I had. Kindly don’t be angered. The guy said that he wanted a wife desperately because based on his shallow understanding, sorry to say, a wife meant someone who can wipe, iron, bring food and other things. I call this man a buffoon and any woman who falls in love with such kind of homosapiens is falling in love with trouble. Lets get this straight. I am not against men. I love them to bits. My dad  and small bro are one of them and they are one of a kind. But there are attitudes that some of them have that makes me wonder whether they are high on cheap drugs or they are inherently morons who need a whip to get them out of their sleep. The value of a woman is priceless that the Bible says that a virtuous woman’s price cannot be compared to rubies. She is just not  a toy or a cheap slut to be going ahead of myself. This is just the introduction.

I write this blog today with so much passion because women have to understand their value and men have to know the person that walked in their lives is not some cheap slave you send here and there for your errands.. Again, am not saying that women should not do this stuff. A woman should be able to clean, cook, take care of the children, and the house and the husband, all that stuff. In fact, a man should be able to do this things too. We are coming to help you do it. Anyway,  my attack is on the attitude that some men, who are under the category of dogs, mishandle women. This is a warning. I will have a lot of scriptural references because thats where most men gain their baseless excuses to undermine women.



First, when God made a woman, He created her to be a man’s help mate. For a person to be a helpmate, she has to be stronger than you to help carry or assist you. A woman is equated to the Holy Spirit in the Bible as she comes with every blessing that a man will ever need to accomplish his purpose on earth. Again, that is a real woman who knows her purpose and value. She is not just a beautiful figure to look at and for your friends to praise you for..She is not a trophy my friend. A woman is equated to wisdom. Her sixth sense is something that men don’t have. So when she tells you that the deal is wrong or don’t do this, don’t do it. Has your mother ever told you not to do something and then you ended up doing it and it turned out to be exactly what she said? Things backfired, right? That’s a real woman. She can smell rats and cockroaches from afar.

A woman is a man’s favor. The Bible says that the guy who finds a wife obtains favor from the Lord. A real woman will cause a man to advance in dimensions that he has never been. Kindly ask for her advice before doing something. Not all women are stupid like other men think we are. Some think that women were just meant to be in their lives for recreation purposes. Others its just because they are getting old and they need someone to make other people keep quiet. or other, well, the reasons are best known to themselves. Let me warn you men. If you dare joke with a woman and mistreat them, God will shut the heavens in your life. Nothing in your life will work. And all the women said amen.  If you want reference read the book of Peter. If your wife cries out to God about you and how you treat her, you are in serious trouble. So you better love her the way she wants it because you chose her as the object of your affection. Not just buying flowers and then throwing your socks on the floor simply because you think that she is your house help . Nkt. Respect is key and it is earned. If you treat her badly , don’t cry when she disrespects you. And you woman, you better submit to the guy you chose. No one forced you. You said yes.

A woman is a good thing to a man. God equates the relationship that He has with us to marriage. God calls us to have fellowship with Him not to be His slaves. So the purpose of a woman is not to be your slave, but God created someone for a man to share his life with. That’s why the Bible says that the heart of a man solely rests on the woman for he is not afraid of spoil. He knows that the woman will never do anything with the intention to hurt him. So you better ask God for He is the only one who gives men prudent wives. A woman is the only human being that comes straight from the presence of God. Of course, there are those who come from hell. Choose wisely but more-so be tight with God and He will direct your paths.

A woman is a helpmate so she has to work. You have to allow her to do her own thing. the virtuous woman has her own savings and buys her own land, without the cash of a man. So kindly let her be. In fact it will be cheaper for you if she has her own cash to buy her own things. It is okay for her to have money. Don’t deny her the chance to build her life. Support her dream too as she support yours. I have realized that most men are selfish. They only see ways in which they can benefit from you and not how they can help you achieve your goals too. Don’t let it be monopoly that is, if you truly love her. Speak to her gently, she is not a man you know. When she wants to talk, listen. It really matters to just listen. You don’t have to comment or say anything but it means a lot to her. Go to her when you are in trouble. I know that men hate doing this but its not a sign of weakness to talk to her about your trouble. Thats why she is there dummy. When she asks you where you are, she is not infringing into your space. She just cares about you. And now your life is not your own, but it is hers as well.

I did not write to make a woman stop from doing her routines. My heart’s cry was to reveal the value that she possesses. When the greater value is achieved, the lesser things become irrelevant and marriages will be full of joy and peace. Thats what I think.

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    1. Imagine aki…some people just marry for the sake…its nice when people know why you need a woman in your life..thanks alot for the support 🙂

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