How did sweet Noelle turn to be the wife from hell Mr. man?


I love Monday mornings in the matatu because of a lot of things. The most outstanding reason is the fact that I get to hear crazy stories about men and their wives and all that ranting. It makes me thank God a lot for my single hood you know. I have learnt a lot about marriage either through experience or just reading and hope that  I don’t get fried once in it. To all you single people reading my blog, kindly don’t run to those crazy meetings crying out for a spouse. Don’t walk with your head down simply because you don’t have a spouse. So what you are single?Haiya? Is that a new title am hearing ama? I think I’ll consider writing about this..Single hood, so what?How does that sound? Kindly give me your feedback funs! Anyway, take your time in your single-hood. Know what works for you and what doesn’t. Travel a lot whether you have money or not. You can go to uhuru park..thats travel hahaha..just kidding. However, open your eyes when your better half shows up..Or you’ll cry later!

So today, some man called in some radio station to say that he thinks his wife might take him to heaven or hell before his due time and I wondered, how did that sweet wife of yours turn out to be that hellish woman that you want the world to know about. Frankly, I don’t pity the guy. In fact, I want to laugh at him so loudly until he wants to make food out of me or turn me into mints meat for his supper. He doesn’t need any of our sympathy, really. These are those men who make haste into marrying someone they don’t know, they haven’t asked questions, don’t know their backgrounds and all that stuff. I write this with so much passion men, because I care about you. I hate those stories. I hate how our society has suddenly turned a blind eye to the basics of marriage and the fact that marriages can work if the two people are committed to seeing it go through till death do us part. The guy, maybe, was one of those people who turned a deaf ear to the plea of many who warned him of the relationship.  So these are some of the reasons, why your sweet Noelle is a nightmare to you.



Lets start with the basics. You made the wrong choice for a woman. That’s number one reason. Kindly take notes am helping you both single and married alike. You are one of those guys who follow the hip, lips and fingertips and gets turn on by those model like fairies that walk along your path. You  call them divinely sent. At least you can boast of having a cute chile around to your so called boys will salute you and say that you are the man for getting such a lady. I pity you. Let me advice you, that is if you are ready to listen. When you die in house alone, with that wife of yours when she abuses you and calls you names, and doesn’t support you and cheats on you and all that..(coz I know us women can really be devils) utabeba msalaba wak0(You’ll carry your own cross). Life is short my friends. You are the man, make your stand and your friends will respect you, in fact  they’ll make you leader of the pack!


Go for a woman who understands you. Who you can be naked to and won’t feel embarrassed. A woman who shares the same vision as you. A woman who  supports you, who thinks that you are great despite your weaknesses..Above all, a woman that fears God  for real. That’s not saying that you go to church and look for the good girls. You’ll be shocked! The devil can be an angel of light my friend, tread carefully. If she fears God, you won’t worry about her doing some of those crazy stuff you fear about. Marry your friend, not just someone you share the same social class, or doesn’t shrub while she talks, or is skinny and a model..Look deeper men. I know am talking to wise people, men of substance, who know what they want. Thats why am not abusive today lol…And all the good men and women said amen. A good one, I can hear you..Walls have ears you know.

Number two. You have a good woman but you don’t see or think that she’s one. Thats why Noelle is a living hell to you. Men, listen. A woman is the glory of a man. Whatever you say to her, however you make her feel, if you support her, if you respect her, she glows and becomes heaven, perfect heaven. Am not now saying that now women sit back and relax. Marriage or relationships are a two way thing. You all give one hundred percent and commit to making it work no matter what. I know you know these stuff so I don’t need to remind you. Am just reinforcing, sorry.  It doesn’t come by dreaming only but by working , knowing your woman, praying hard you know. Because God must be the center of it all my friend, He must or else you are toast. I’m serious about this. One thing, if she is someone who is ready to learn, don’t dismiss her because she doesn’t know one or two things. You can train her, so what she doesn’t know how to cook, clean and all that stuff?Am not saying that they shouldn’t know these things but train her to do them and do it together. It will be fun especially when she realizes that you love her for who she is and not for what she can do for you. That woman, if she is a real one that is, will love and respect you for that. I promise.


Wives from hell come in all shapes and sizes. Its up to you to know who is right and wrong. And don’t try changing someone when you are rotten yourself. A woman reflects who you are. Maybe you were attracted to them because that’s the real you on the inside. Search deeper and know why that sweet Noelle has suddenly turned to be the wife from hell.


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