Can all the candy shops be closed please?? thank you


My topic today is very controversial but I really don’t care. After all, it’s my opinion and if yours is better, bring it out and argue it very well. Peradventure we, oo, let me speak for myself in this case, I, will change my innocent mind and gladly follow your ‘words of wisdom.’Though, frankly speaking I don’t think that will ever happen. It can be my worst nightmare! Walalalalala, I don’t even want to contemplate what I would do if that ever happened?Where will I hide my face when so many people expect me to think and behave in a certain way?Though, I must admit that I am not that sort of person. I am always driven by conviction, what is right..that kind of stuff you know..I know I’ll need a lot of grace, dear Lord, a lot of it to make it till the end of the journey. You too need it folks. Believe you me, you really do.

I have many things that make my blood boil. One, is that a lot of the songs I get to hear nowadays do not make any sense at all. It’s hilarious, in a sarcastic way to even think that someone would dance to such tunes that demeans them. Honestly speaking, I feel like our society has really lost some bolt somewhere especially where material stuff are concerned. What is the connection a woman’s body and money? Is a woman a thing where a man can just floss around his money and get all the so called package. They call it candy. mhhh..I wonder why they call it that especially when there is nothing sweet about it if it’s done illegally.Its consequences are pain, fear, regrets, bitterness and anger. .Bread that is stolen is only sweet when its in the mouth but bitter once its in the stomach. I often wonder what those women with such exotic beauty are doing displaying their wonder on the screen. What are they lacking? Seems like stupidity in this case has superseded logic. Am I the only person in this world with some conscience or there are many other women and men who feel that such stuff should stop? One musician was even calling for an audition of women who want to be in his video shoot where they would be partying and having sex all night long. Really? Is that all there is to life?Pardon me if I sound judgmental or self righteous and all that crap people love to justify themselves with. I am not trying to do that dear. I am only helping you see your worth clearly. you are a woman, of class and high caliber. Such stuff don’t suit you especially if you went to university and paid a hefty amount of school fees to finish your studies. Mark you, for those of you who took have a baggage of debt on your back!

So why are women everywhere agreeing to stoop that low. The worst part is that after all is said and done and the candy is over you are left to hang and dry like a dirty linen on the cloth line. Then, you go on dead beat fathers to display your foolishness and make the whole world cry with you in your misery. I can’t my friend. I wasn’t born that way. Life is all about choices and if you make your bed, lie in it. Me three. If you catch me doing that nonsense, I beg, judge me too. I believe strongly, that the strength of a woman is the ability to shut their ears and more so, their legs. Anyway, as much as I would like to throw a lot of stones at you, I am careful because I live in a glass house. What is in between your legs is very precious. Only to be enjoyed by the one man who deserves it. Unless it is rape or incest, that would be excused and God is able to comfort and heal your pain. Hallelujah. Hope am not sounding preachy. I am only trying to make my point clear.

Shut your legs ooo…Stop giving substandard men with no focus what only belongs to one man who has fought for you, who really deserves your love. Not some jerk who has no respect for women, no vision, no fear of God no nothing. Just a coach potato living in his mother’s house?Please. You are better than that sister girl. Even if he declares that he loves you, there is no greater love than respect and commitment. Someone who’s going somewhere. Am sure by now you might have noticed that my tone has changed. I really need some fresh air to calm my nerves. I am not in the business of exciting you with great grammar and language. I am here to make you see sense and change your ways. I hope am penetrating that dark mind that has been covered with a lot of mucus and hard rock. I can feel a breakthrough..Yeepie!!!I  think my work is almost done.

I wonder what would happen if all women just said enough is enough, we are not giving out what belongs to strong men to weak ones. I wonder what would happen if that would be the only criteria for the strong men to survive and thrive in the world. These dead beat men would style up while the strong ones would remain. The rate of single mothers would minimize so drastically, the society would change as there would be minimal crime. Why? The strong men will take up their responsibility and take care of their women and children. The weak men will have no chance. There will be no women crying because someone who identifies himself as a homo sapiens mistreated her and took advantage of her. Men, I mean strong men, please take care of the women in your lives. Cover them. Don’t make them feel that if they don’t give you their body without you committing to them, that they are worthless. If you truly love them and are concerned about this society, you will truly value every woman you meet. Am sure you would kill anyone who dares touch your only sister or your only daughter. Then why tamper and use other precious girls like tissue paper? I know some of you have a sensible mind, and you will agree with me on this one, donge?


8 thoughts on “Can all the candy shops be closed please?? thank you

  1. Women always get what they deserve, just the way the Kenyan society craves immorality. It’s even spreading to gospel music. If women dished it out since time immemorial (there is evidence in the Bible), they are not going to stop today. The only reason it ‘looks’ common is that people are talking about it openly. My advice? Don’t stress over them and focus on your life. It’s better that way.

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