Till death do us part


“Dear,” she said after I had answered the phone.’ I think we might have contracted Ebola.”
I dropped the phone in shock. The news sent cold shivers through my spine. I couldn’t believe that what I feared the most, was now at my door step. My phone rang the second time. It was my wife again trying to find out whether I was okay. I picked it up and had to act like a man and assure her that we would get through the storm together. After all, we had sworn till death do us part. Only that this death was way too soon.
“It’s too soon Lord,”I cried out.”It’s too soon to say good bye to her dear Lord.” You see, we had just gotten married. By the way, my name is Robert Johnson. I am Liberian, but my wife is Kenyan. We met at work in some cork tail party. I noticed her for she was the Mc for the event. Boy, did she look super sexy in that gorgeous red evening gown. She exuded so much confidence. Her laughter was so infectious; she was so full of life. I said to myself,’ I have to meet her, I have to date that girl.’
I’m not those guys who waste time trying to find out whether she is the one or not. I went straight to her after the event and asked her out. That very day. Bold, ha? She told me much later that she thought I was to bold for life. Most Kenyan men don’t do that? Na siwashtaki. Hahahah…my wife taught me that by the way. We hit it off from the start. I don’t know because I was Liberian but whether that was the case or not, it worked in my favor. Kenyan men, you are in serious trouble. She told me of about all the men who had abused her and taken advantage of her. Frankly speaking, I wanted to kill all those men with my bare hands, and then tell God that I repent. He would understand, right? After all, I would argue that am defending the one that he kept for me, the one that I waited for..Hey, that’s the words of a song. Si zangu.
I had to propose to her and make her my wife quickly before another man saw her beauty. So, I did so. Trust me, you don’t want to know how I did it. I will make you feel so small. My wife tells me that Liberians are like Luos in Kenya . they think large, do big stuff, love much. That’s who I am. So let me keep that a secret, or let it be a story for another day. If the Lord wills, now that death is knocking at my door. We got married but she kept on insisting that we travel to Liberia. She wanted to see my family and how could I say no to her? Which man says no to a woman? Unless you are mad, or you just want hell on earth.
So we travelled. It was a long journey. As long as an obituary. I fear that mine might be coming very soon. Maya was as happy as a pig in shit. Ouch! I chose the wrong description. I hope she never gets to read this. By the way, Maya is my wife’s name. Maya Johnson now that we are legally married. We were to stay for a month and do all those Liberian traditions of welcoming her to the family. She was busy taking selfies, posting them on face book so that the haters and the lovers alike may know that she has found a man. Make no mistake, I was that man. A beg, clap your hands for me naaa..
Then shit just happened. Remember I used that word previously. Ebola. We were just making all the preparations when it was said that all Kenyans be evacuated. That it was no longer safe for us to be there. Now you can imagine the horror. It was like watching some 24 series or one of those horror movies. It was horrible seeing people die like hens on the streets, blood oozing out of their body. I thought as a man I could handle everything but I have never felt so helpless, like a small baby. I wanted to call my mum and just sit on her laps. If you have never been in such a situation, well wait. It’s coming. It’s such a humbling situation, it made me get saved to be safe.
So my brother, Jaden, was out helping affected victims. He’s a doctor and so they were out and about trying to save the situation. Then the unfortunate happened. He got infected on duty. They say that blood is thicker than water. This saying became real when I heard the news. I ran like road runner, remember the cartoon? I did like it but now I think I ran much faster. They tried to make me not get in but I couldn’t, I, sorry, we had to see him. Luckily we managed before he was flown to the US for treatment. They said that there was a cure there. We had our fingers crossed as we traveled with him. I have never prayed like this before. I think if heaven had bonga points for prayers, mine would fly me to Dubai and back. We reach there. My brother is taken to the hospital. We get to a hotel. We start feeling sick. Dizziness, nauseous, slight headache, a little cough some of those signs. I took it lightly but my wife went for a checkup. Then as I was chilling on the sofa, the phone rang.
I don’t want to die now. I’m still too young. I haven’t seen my kids. Our marriage is still young. Three months married, can you imagine dying and leaving your wife three months after getting married? Nooo, I can’t take this. It can’t be happening.
‘Honey, wake up. It’s okay. It’s just a bad dream,” my wife woke me up scared of what might be happening to me. I was sweating all over. The bed was wet it’s as if I had peed on myself. I remember that hug I gave her. I swear, I have never hugged her like that before. “Life is precious”, I told her trying to compose myself. I then gave her a kiss that was akin to a tire explosion. You can imagine what happened after that. Arama ya dukuduku…Thank God, it was all a dream.

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