Myths about love that are completely absurd


I love writing about love. I love writing about issues that provoke people to think. Most people think that life is all about money and making it big but believe it or not, love matters are the most sensitive and serious things that can mess up your life if caution is not taken. Ask Whitney Houston when you get to heaven or hell. I don’t know where she is right now, so let me not talk about that. She’ll remind you that a great career can be turned into something else if you make a wrong move or your love lines fall for you in unpleasant places.


These are just my contemplations about love issues. I am no expert and neither do I want to judge anything because love is a mystery. Sometimes you don’t know why you have fallen head over heels with someone who the whole world thinks that you shouldn’t. Other times some jerk somewhere loves you to death and you feel nothing for the person.It happens. It’s not a sin to love anyone only pray to God that the person reciprocates otherwise you’ll end up being one frustrated fellow. If you have been through this I know you know exactly what I mean. Okay, now we go straight to the myths according to yours truly, Harriet :)….



Myth number one, Love is blind. Love has never been blind. Your eyes are always wide open when you are falling deeply, disregarding the warning signs like the way you would hit the snooze button of your alarm clock. Jeez I hate waking up thats why my wake up time is usually two hours earlier so that when the real time of waking up reaches am already up. Then I start thinking of which outfit I will rock that day, then the shoe, then wait for someone in the house to shower….Gosh, let me not bore you with my morning stories. I’m sure I have comrades, am not alone. Anyways, love is like sleep, when you are deep in it, you don’t want anyone to wake you up. The only time you do is when you are dreaming of a witch chasing you with a machette, kwisha wewe!!!!hahahahahah…..

Myth number two. Money can’t buy love. Kindly don’t stone me until you hear me out. The Bible says that money answers all things. Meaning that your joy will be complete once you have cash to buy a few things here and there. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you go around shopping for people with money and class. Some of those people can frustrate you especially if you have no sense of direction and they perceive that you are only after them because of money. Some will even buy you with it and treat you anyway they want simply because they think that with only a few dollars they can have you anyway anyhow they want. Make sure that by the time you enter into any relationship with a mature, yes, I have to stress that part, mature young man or woman, you already have something going on in your life. People can be very wicked and during a moment of weakness they may say very hurtful word. Jipange tafadhali (sort yourself out). The Bible says that a borrower is a slave to the lender. Having money gives you options in life and inmanipulatable (is there such a word or am making it up). Critics, here is the floor, you can kindly comment and tell me the proper vocub to employ. Money is a defense, money is a strong city, a refuge. It is only the love of it, or when it influences your life to the point that you are stingy and not helping anyone but yourself or it’s making you do evil things,this is when money is evil.

Myth number three. Love changes people. I know it has been said over and over again till it’s now a broken record that love never changes anyone. Only God does and the person if they are willing to. People are very funny. They want you to understand them in their weakness but they cant do the same for you. They only glory when people understand them but not understand that their actions are really hurting people. You end up one lonely person always asking where people are when it’s you who has pushed them away by refusing to change. (I have to say amen to this coz am a culprit) I have seen areas to work on myself. Noted Harriet!! It is impossible to love anyone by your strength. I have come to know this fact coz people are really something else. I am not there yet as there are some people I still struggle to talk to. They are one annoying bunch you wish could go to heaven or hell, wherever they preferred. But His grace is sufficient, to love anyone especially when your mood swings are all over the place..And everyone said Amen..


Myth number four. Women are mysterious. I have heard this statement with men including my brother and it makes my blood boil. Women are not mysterious. They are very easy to understand once you set your heart to try and get to know them. I have come to realize that in life, passion is everything. Without it, you will never achieve anything. And this is also true in relationships. If you love someone and are passionate about them, you’ll go the extra mile to know them. You see if a man is told to love me as the church, I am not a mystery to Christ. In Psalms it says that Christ knows my thoughts through and through. This means that it is possible to know someone and understand who they are with passion and interest. There is no excuse!

Myth number last for today.Love has rules. Yes there are some, but when you love with rules there are restrictions, and it becomes mechanical. Love is all about what you have agreed will work for you as a couple and what will not. Agreement to be precise. And there is no relationship that is the same thats why you have to know what works for you and what doesn’t. You are two different people and the least that you need is to be like everyone else. Strive to have a unique relationship, one that will last forever….watch out for part two on myths..seriously they are many and words plus time are not on my side. I’m super sleepy.


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