A letter to my unborn son……

Dear unborn son,

Maybe or maybe not, you’ll get to read this blog but if you do, this is what i want you to know. That am scared of the time I’ve given birth to you. Well, I don’t know when you are coming because I haven’t met your daddy yet. I don’t know if he is a responsible guy or one of those hit and run idiots who’ll leave me together with you. I sure hope he’ll watch you grow, that he’ll train you to be a man because I want to see a strong man in you in future, not the kind of wimps I see around.

First, I pray that you know God. I pray that He holds you by the hand and teaches you, protect you from wrong company which corrupts good morals, that He strengthens your inner man so that whatever you meet your way, you’ll be able to handle it like a man. That doesn’t mean that you won’t cry and it doesn’t mean that when you cry you are not a man. Sometimes crying helps. Crying makes you stronger, crying makes your heart clean. Yes crying is good but not all the time, you a man baby, you are a man. A man is not sad and angry all the time, doesn’t know what giving up is well, unless it something that you have a gut feeling that it aint gonna work. Or something that your mama (yours truly) tells you to leave. Give up on that one, or you’ll regret it.

I pray that you treat women right. I’m talking to you about women because they will be your greatest trouble. Talk to them gently, listen to their ideas, they too have a voice. Don’t ever make a girl choose to lower her dignity to prove his love for you. Don’t make a woman pregnant and leave her alone with no one to take care of her. If you split the milk, wipe it. No matter how hard and painful it will be. It only shows that you are a responsible man. And God will pay you back. You may never know when taught will be, but be in expectation that it surely will come. Don’t ever think that just because you are a man they are beneath you. I bore you remember. Now if I bore you and took care of you the way I have, there is another woman who will take care of you when am not there. Respect her, love her. Loving her does not mean that you buy her flowers and candy only. Just because we spent all our money getting her doesn’t mean that you treat her as a slave in the house. She is not a house-help you know. She is your helpmate. We only do that to cement our relationship with her family. She is precious and a treasure to us so if she is worth it, treat her like one. Which brings me to my next point.

I know you are asking yourself how you’ll know that she’s the one. I may or may be not there to show you if she’s the one. or I may look at your choice and really nod my head. I know the present world says that if she is up there and making it big, she will disturb you. So you may opt to go to some small girl in the village just to quench the society’s expectation of you. If you do that you’ll realize that your goals don’t match with this person. And yes she will bear you children, she will respect you, she will bring you warm meals and all that. But your heart will be empty, life is not all about that. Life is all about the hearts of people. You’ll find yourself cheating on her because she may or she may not reach to where you are. Second, when you find one who is way ahead of you in life, don’t ever be intimidated of her. You are a smart boy my son. If she is willing to stay with you, and you love her, live with her, respect her and don’t ever make her feel guilty that she’s ahead of you. Don’t mock her achievements and her educational level simply because you want her to condense to your level. That’s immaturity my son. A woman is your glory, never ever forget that. When you lift her up, you life yourself up. And well, this depends on the person you are lifting up, because this world is full of crazy people dear. the right woman will transform the praise into love and respect. That’s how you know that she is right. When she can tell you to your face when you are wrong and respect you for who you are. Remember white teeth aint white heart. So don’t go after her coz she’s beautiful, beauty is an asset but it wont keep the marriage. And here’s a tip, ask God to lift you up to earn more than she does and make you way ahead especially when you feel like you cant handle the heat. He will, he answers prayers, and He’s the God of promotions.

Be a good person my dear son. As much as it is underrated, people tend to forget that you always reap what you sow. Always do good to people and don’t expect them to return back but expect God to pay you back. The hearts of men is desperately wicked and deceitful. Don’t let their wickedness affect you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, God will pay you back. Never look down on people just because you are up. Never think that being up is all there is to life. Life is all about leaving legacy and making a difference. Don’t ever think that having money is success. It may be part of it but how you spend it is what really matters. Study hard, don’t play with your education. people say that it is not everything, but use it to sharpen your skills and become a better man who understands himself. Don’t live like a beggar in this life. Always lift your head up. let your help come from God and Him alone. Let Him be your strength and guide.  If you always live begging for people’s acceptance, favor and applause, you’ll fail. Don’t ever forget that those who hail and crown you as king will be the same ones saying crucify him. I hope you get to read the crucifixion story, then you’ll confirm my sayings.

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I want you to correct what I see in the world, I want you have strong girls and boys too who will have the same mind and change the world. I want to see your head lifted high and want you shinning bright like a diamond.

Yours truly,


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