What’s wrong with this picture????

The world, or rather Africans received some shocking news of the marriage between the above people. The picture says it all. Many people have bashed the poor girl calling her a gold digger despite the fact that she has her own career and cash. Others say while one is beautifully made, the other is fearfully made…I don’t know how that is so, but ask the one who came up with the phrase..Let me say its like the tale of beauty and the beast, if you know that story you know that in this one, that old man will never turn into a handsome prince….How naaaaa????

And the world is as busy as bees saying all manner of things about this marriage, I have a few things I want to say in favor of this beautiful creation of God, the woman of course. We bash at her forgetting that this is what the society has pushed women like this to become. We are to blame for this. When we say that women as intelligent and as pretty as this girl only deserve to be second wives or concubines simply because we are intimidated to make them wives, where do we expect them to go? What if this is the only man who offered him genuine, unconditional love and she saw herself as a person instead of some young, immature idiot who would make her give up her career and her life to be just a laptop following him around? I can already see the stones that are about to land on my face…before you throw them, please continue to hear me out…

And it’s not that lovely girl alone, many young African girls are getting married to divorcees, old men giving Methuselah competition and while we bash on them and condemn their love for money, we are forgetting that we are the ones responsible for this mess. (I repeat). Women have been pushed to the wall not because they want to. If you ask this girl why she made this choice, she may give you the same reasons that I am giving now. Why suffer in loneliness in the arms of a man who is her age , but is a drunk, lacks ambition, cheats in the name of am busy with my career, beats you up and thinks that he is a strong man doing that, insults you and belittles your ambition..Tofyakwa hell noooooo…Sadly, this is the state of most of our men in this age. I’m trying to wonder what all those big men in the wedding are thinking about as the lovebirds tie the knot? Are they thinking how the man has landed on a gold mine or what an old fool this man is?.Let me just empathize with this model for a while..Allow me please..

May be I am as crazy as she is, or maybe I am money minded, I don’t know and I really don’t care what you think about me..These are just my contemplations about the whole issue. She may or may have not gone through what I have been through with men to make her get to this point. Yakh1!I’ve just imagines those big lips on that mouth…Holy Mary mother of God..I’d rather die than have those lips on mine.And the hug, and his company of friends who seem like my grandfathers and my uncles all together trying to arrange my life. The way I fear those people I’d rather run than catch myself talking to them. What conversations do they have?What do they have in common?How did they strike the balance?You know that compromise you have to reach with your better half for there to be truce in between the two of you?Yeah, that one…what did they agree on? When this man says that they love each other and that all this was based on love waaaa..you’ve noticed am repeating myself a lot. I’m just  overwhelmed by emotions on how lost we are as a society. Something is wrong somewhere and the sooner we address it, the better for us..

By the end of the day, whether we clap our hands or bash her with stones on her choice of Mr. Right, its none of our business. it’s her bed to lie on , its the thorns that she has chosen to be pricked by as every rose has its own share of thorn. I mean, marrying such a man would mean enduring such an ugly face ..woooii I’m trying to visualize, and my mind cant stand it, dear Jesus, help my mind..Harriet, focus, focus..we have a blog to finish and tomorrow we are waking up very early in the morning to go to work,…..But she’ll be first lady, go to Paris for shopping, dine with the high and mighty, get her career rolling, have all the maids and servants, all the cars at her disposal, have all security, have the finest designers at her call, get her family from that God forsaken poverty plagued environment, at least have a last name that matters…by the way, whats the last name of that guy…mhhhhh..nae I’ve forgotten but….This is the life baby…

Am done with that chick..am finally done with that issue..Just had to jot down a few things that I find absurd about the whole issue. And of course, give my controversial thoughts and valid opinions on why we should let the sleeping dogs lie. ..By the way, my blog is celebrating one year since it’s existence..yaaaayyyyyyyyy…thanks all yeah happy people for making it a success, for commenting, wassuping, smsing and showing me all the love in the world. Thanks to all the Nazis who made me go through my work before publishing or else they wouldn’t have read it…Thanks to all the silent funs who never comment but just read and comment in their hearts.This coming year will be bigger and better as we expect to go from grace to grace I believe so in jesos name..I had to add that for with God all things are possible…I appreciate all the support guyz,,,Happy one year of my contemplations!!!!!

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