Lets deconstruct this word ‘good’ for a minute..shall we?

I was out with my friend one evening and I asked this question,” What does it mean when someone says that you are a good person?”  “It means that you are are peaceful, loving, you don”t say too much, people have all this nice stuff to say about you..you can add on Harriet, or google if you can,”He replied taking a sip of hot coffee that he had just ordered. He went on and on on what he thought the meaning of the word good was . By the time he was through, I was like a hungry dog which has not seen food in ages. I ordered my  coffee too, at least I had gotten rid of that weighty question that had been lingering on my mind the whole day. On second thoughts, nop, its still on my mind and I want you all to engage me please in this conversation as we deconstruct the word good.

Many people have various definition of what good means. In most instances, good connotes a person with noble character, (especially a woman), obedient, pleasant, forgiving easily..am trying to google this word to find the other definitions of the word. While all these  is true, me thinks that being good without wisdom is stupidity. Am still working on that in my life. Wisdom is the principle thing and let wisdom guide your good nature or else you’ll see things you’ve never seen (direct translation). Let me give you a few examples.

You have a bunch of friends who always call you each time they are in need. They never call you to check on you, so not know how you are doing and all that stuff. And as a good person you are always there to help and dish out mullah just to please them and so that they can say that you are a nice person. Behind closed doors you are suffering and you wish they could just wake up and gather life, start working, they pay their own bills. You need to wake up and say these exact same things that I hear you murmur each night about your pals. Being good means that sometimes you run away from being exploited.

Another instance is when you are a woman and you have a man who treats you like some piece of trash each time you refuse to hand him over the cookie. Worse scenario, is having a man who stays in the house while you work, expects you to bring the bread and bacon everyday and insults you each time you don’t make his life comfy. And you give in to his demands because you fear that he will leave you..Such men love to threaten a lot so that you are intimidated and you feel as though you are the scam of the earth. This is what we call abuse, both financial and psychological. Better the man calls you bad, run baby ruuuunnnnnn…

When you choose to leave your friends simply because you feel that they are not taking you where you want to be. So slowly or very fast depending, on your personality, you decided to hit the road and chase your dream, whatever it may be. And then the worst thing happens. You hear them say nasty things about you simply because you took that path. They start saying how you have changed and how you don’t want to talk to people, how you’ve become proud and all that crap. People will always say things. People will always have something negative or positive to say. I am trying to get this because at times I get offended by the things I hear people say especially when its not true. But take a stand baby, do yourself a favor and walk your path. Thats being good to yourself.

This example will make you crack up..Well, I have different kinds of audiences so maybe you won’t laugh and some will. You are super hungry and this guy comes in and starts asking you to share your food coz they are hungry. They demand for it kwanza, they don’t ask politely. And as a good person, you are supposed to share with them despite the fact that you too are hungry and you would eat a whole cow by yourself( well exaggerated a whole lot right there). Frankly, for me it depends on many things. For one I would just eat, am hungry men, I don’t care what you say about me…Do you remember that song? I think fifty cents sang it and by the way I’ve confirmed, its I don’t know what you’ve heard about me..tarararararara…..Check it out..the lyrics speak a lot. To hell with being good, am eating my food, jipange LOL..

You have struggled all your life and finally you’ve made it. Then you know how when you are up on the mountain how many chaps come to you in the name of nakujua( I know you). And you are one of these saved guyz, like me who thinks that it is right to forgive and just let this people be part of your life, stuff like that. You even let these hypocrites, yes they are, brag about knowing you, you buy them drinks and all that stuff in the name of being a Joseph. Light bulb..be wise..even Jesus said if you deny me here, I’ll deny you there..If you suffer with me, you shall reign with me..Why do you allow such people to come back to your life when you know what they are capable of doing to you? Forgiveness does not mean that you forget things especially those that are detrimental to your life. You should just let them be, let them fly where they were before they heard of your success. Men, evil people are among us chaaaiiii..

Someone steps on your little toes, either literally or truly by doing or saying something that offends you. And since being good means you just shut up, you keep quiet and say nothing. You opt to give the other cheek when slapped on the other. Listen, there is a time for everything. There a time for being quiet and a time for war.You should know when to strike and let the idiot know that you are not a push over.

Waaaahh am super exhausted..I have a lot to say but I have a word limit. Give me your examples starting now……

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