Sun Bird Lodge Elementaita-A romantic getaway with breathtaking views

Sunbird Lodge is an amazing, eco- friendly lodge where one can spend a romantic night in. It’s situated in the Great Rift-Valley, on the shores of Lake Elementeita which I later on learnt that Elmenteita is a Masaai word that means “dust place”. Like the word, the area is truly dry and I was told that it can really get dusty between the months of January and March. Based on my experience in this place, I think the lodge deserves the declaration by UNESCO as a world heritage site!


We arrived at the lodge, tired, famished from the long trip and as it’s the norm in most hotels, we were welcomed by the warm staff who gave us an orange drink to quench our thirst. The first thing that catches your attention once you get to this lodge is the magnificent view of the Lake and the plains, the cool breeze that rushes through your skin is enough to take away the fatigue of the travel. As it was still lunch time, we were directed to the restaurant where we could catch incredible view of the Lake once again as food was served according to our request. I took lots of photos that I even forgot that I had ordered food. Blame it on the scene and on the wonderful staff who were more than helpful in assisting me capture the memorable moments.


The rooms were small, exclusive with very spacious and private verandahs. Again here, the spectacular view of the Lake and the sunset is awesome. I don’t think I’ll get over talking about the view of the lake and the plains in this place. These affordable rooms have king size beds and an additional bed just in case you need one and are constructed using natural materials with thatched roofs. What I loved about the rooms, is the fact that there is a safe where one can keep all their valuables and also a drier for the hair. There are more than 450 birds’ species in this place, hence the name Sunbird.  The warm fire place in the evening together with the sounds of romantic music in the background set the pace of a romantic gateway once. I enjoyed having an outdoor dining experience again overlooking the lake while gazing at the stars.

No wonder this place was voted as the most scenic place to stay in Nakuru. During the day, one can enjoy other activities like going on a game drive in Lake Nakuru, taking a dip in the swimming pool as well as taking more photos; you can’t get enough of them!


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