Kyaka hotel-the definition of comfort in the heart of Machakos town

I was really ecstatic to receive an invitation to attend the bookers’ retreat 2016 at Kyaka hotel in Machakos. Apart from the recent doctor’s strike which has tainted the County these past days, this hotel is a sensation, a must visit for anyone who is travelling to Machakos for business, leisure or after watching Masaku seven. The hotel is in Machakos town, right behind the Redcross with a clearly marked sign that makes it impossible for you to get lost. Its less than an hours drive, nevertheless, with all that visibility, we still got lost and found ourselves paying extra just to go back to the place! Upon arrival, we were received warmly by the staff who were eagerly waiting for us. Their energy was infectious and it radiated throughout our entire stay. One thing that fascinated me is their strong wifi connection, which was in every part of the hotel. Strong wifi is important especially if you are working or out on business or a conference meeting. We were taken to our rooms and the connection was still on. The rooms were well furnished, with a private balcony and an ensuite bathroom. All the apartments are decorated in warm colours and feature a kitchenette, balcony and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Their private bathroom also comprises of a shower and free toiletries. Frankly, I never thought that I could find such amenities in Machakos.

kyaka bed       reception

The owner of the hotel, Geoffery Kilonzo was mingling with everyone during the cocktail and if you’ve never met him at first, you can make and mistake and think he’s just an ordinary guy. Very down to earth man and so was the hotel manager Chao Mwadime who was open, answering all the questions we had on the hotel. I loved the fact that they prepared sumptuous ~African cuisine for us and ensured that African music too rented the air. Their mask bar too is awesome for all the party lovers with a variety of drinks and great music that will leave a mark in your hearts. I slept at three and still wanted to spend more time at the bar with all the wonderful people I met during the trip.


One thing about this hotel is that all the proceeds go towards educating the girl child, which I thought was a noble course to stand for. Another thing is that, as Mr. Geoffrey explained, everything in the hotel is locally manufactured. The beds, the dining sets everything, as they are keen to support the local industries as opposed to having things imported. I believe this is awesome and we should support the initiative for there to be development in our nation. The people’s park is just around the corner incase you and your family need to enjoy exciting activities. I also heard that the sacred tree with breasts and the mythical hill that can change your sex if you go round it seven times is also a fascination that you may want to visit while on tour in Machakos. I don’t know how true that is but give it a shot, and see whether it is true or not!


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