Cheers to the new year :) :)

This is a letter to the new year old me:

I love birthdays. I love the start of a fresh year. I love the counting of blessings. I love feeling special again. I love knowing that those I care about, care too. That it’s mutual. I love it when they refill my account. Emotional that is. Or even financial, nothing wrong with that as money is good. It’s the love of it that’s evil.

I have many things to say on the past year. I was stepping into another decade. New challenges. Greater opportunities, greater devils too. I dated. We broke up. It was painful but I picked myself up again and moved on. I traveled a lot and can’t wait to travel more. Travel has become my new drug. My bae. Meeting new people. Strangers to be precise and seeing them turn into people you can count on is amazing. Of course, you won’t fail to meet one or two who fail you but hey, cest la vie and it has to move on. People aren’t always perfect.


Lots of lessons learnt, things that my new year old self should hold on to and never allow herself to depart from:

  1. Time is money. Never waste it on unproductive things and more so unproductive people.
  2. Put your expectations on God never on people. Love them though
  3. Help always comes from the least likely people and places. Especially those that you ignore and reject or even hate.
  4. Your gift will present you before great men but be careful. Some of the kings are like Saul who will always endevour to throw their sword at you so that you die. Not all kings will clap at you. Even Herod was a king who sought for Jesus not to worship but to kill him. Know where to turn it to work in your favor. Know when to shut up and know who to speak to. that should be your prayer. Lord lead me to the right king who will lift and not dethrone because of paranoia and insecurity.
  5. Ive often heard of the phrase,” you need to develop character for your destiny.” Mostly I heard people talk of pride. But the worst sin and character flaw is unbelief.
  6. Self confidence is dangerous. You are not all that. It is God who is your strength. Always be small in His eyes before he humbleth you lol
  7. About men..mmhhhh….never believe what they say but be more keen on their actions. You’ll find your answers.
  8. That I don’t care what Cyprus or lemon citrus says about women and marriage. He is not God and as far as I know such men live miserable lives. they only project what their current situation is internally.
  9. Provision always comes when you step out of your comfort zone.
  10. never judge a book by it’s cover. Works both ways. Not all that’s charming, or all that glitters is gold. When it’s too good, or when a person is too good to you,always put question marks. they are hiding something sadly.
  11. Commit your ways to the Lord, and He will surprise you. That thing about exceedingly abundantly above all is real…
  12. Mind your own business.
  13. Never never give up on your self Harriet. Even if you fail yourself, God will never fail you.
  14. That God is Alpha and Omega. That if you don’t bow now to His Lorsship, (shrub) Lordship you soon will in an uncivilized manner.
  15. That I look good in make up.mmhhh really?Should it be a new goal?
  16. Never to help those who have no desire to be assisted.
  17. Never to love people who have no concern about you. You will be depleted emotionally.
  18. Enjoy every moment. You never know what will happen next. Your best friend could turn to be your worst enemy the next day.
  19. Always trust your gut. It’s God speaking to you.
  20. Ask, you will receive. Not just prayers but people. You have not because you ask not. Selah.
  21. The people you admire, some of them are not all that when you meet them in person
  22. The race is never to the swift, neither bread to the wise. Position yourself for you never know. Never despise yourself especially when God is backing you up.
  23. Know when to fight. Some battles are not worth fighting.
  24. Tenda wema uende zako (Do good and go away ????) translation there..But do good and let God have His way. Don’t count on people because the same people you do good to might never show up when its your turn but God will surprise you with help from unknown sources.
  25. never let anyone discredit your faith. never leave it because of anyone. By the end of the day, you will be left alone with God when its all been said and done.
  26. You need to add 5 kilos so that you fit in those nice dresses lol
  27. You will never please anyone. As long as it is right in your gut, go for it. let them clap when its too late.
  28. If they were not there in your pain, they cannot share in your glory. Even Jesus said, if you deny me, I will deny you. It’s different from forgiveness period.
  29. Never beg anyone anything. God is backing you up and one day, He will make them kiss the dust of your feet. Time will tell.
  30. family is always number one.and friends who have become family too. Never forget them.
  31. You move from glory to glory..The older you get, the tasty you are 😉

Your life is entirely premised by the words of your mouth. Speak wisely . Speak victory. Guard your heart.

This is your best year darling! I hand over the Burton

Yours truly,

Year 16 😉


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