The blessings at Maiyan

There’s always something about coming back to a place the second time. While some hotels and resorts never change, some will leave you wondering what next to look forward to. For instance, the last time I was at Maiyan, the swimming pool was not yet done and they didn’t have a bird cage. The restaurant too didn’t have a glass barrier. So these are some of the changes that I found at the magnificent Maiyan.

welcome to Maiyan street

   One can get to this place by air, and it’s approximately 30 minutes from Nanyuki airport and just 25 minutes from Nayuki town. My stand still remains for couples to opt for villas instead of hotels especially if they have larger families or couples starting out and are in dire need of changing their routine or a real bonding experience. The place derives its name from a Masaai word meaning God’s blessings natural, has a magnificent backdrop of Lolldaiga hills as well as Mount Kenya, the place where God dwells amongst the Kikuyu people. Maiyan draws its inspiration from three elements: Blessing, Harmony and Excellence which plays out in the entire property.

I loved its breathtaking design as well as décor which can really open the mind and let the creativity flow in. All one requires is a gorgeous view that this place offers to be inspired and create memories that can transform your life.

The majestic bed 

The living room 

The kitchen 

amazing decor at the corridor 

I arrived late in the evening and it was thoughtful for the villa to organize for my food to be brought to my room by chef Nahashon and Susan.

Chef Benjamin carrying my pork ribs 

One of the fun things about villas is the ability to allow one to have privacy in their own rooms and still manage to be with their children in the common areas of the villa like the kitchen, living room and the balcony. In this property, each room is equipped with a smart TV with cable connectivity and fireplace, jacuzzi as well as a plunge pool on the rooftop of each duplex villa.

A swimming pool and a jacuzzi on top of the villa ?

Some of the amenities that the property has includes a basketball and tennis court, Outdoor as well as an indoor Kids play area with a childminder, Equestrian centre, fishing, boating, Spa, cycling, jogging area and your kids can also enjoy and learn horse riding while on vacation.

At Maiyan, its all things organic including where your food comes from..It was an amazing experience visiting the farm.

where spice and everything nice comes from ….


There’s something special about horse riding and despite the fact that am still learning how to ride, being on top of one is a thrilling experience.

Raphael assisting me get comfy on my horse

Oh, and while we are still talking about change, I found that my horse Maiyan has six months old foal! I found her crying for her mum as she was being weaned, a painful experience to watch the young ones go through. The ever-ready Raphael assisted me to learn how to trot, walk and canter.

Those are the three different paces of horse riding and my horse for the day Amina, was kind enough to give me the memorable ride. She is 16 years old and according to Raphael, by this time, she should have had her foals but she hasn’t. When riding a horse, one should be dressed in jeans, wear a helmet or body protector with shoes that have a grip so that you don’t fall.

Catherine with Amina 

After this vigorous ride, it was time for lunch and guess who cooked? Mr. Omar, the General Manager put on his apron and felt the heat of the kitchen. He says cooking is not just a chore but a hobby for him. He prepared a sumptuous spicy chicken with steamed rice which I, together with the head of departments, had to take another serving as it was delicious.

Trying out their gym with a view…it was my first time to do this and I totally enjoyed it

Pressups anyone?

   watching our weight is key !!!

The warmth of the staff at the villa was a stress reliever too. Once in a while sometimes, it’s a good thing to not only be pampered, but to be in a place where you are treated as a VIP, where your comfort is another person’s concern. You need that after being harassed by matatu conductors and dealing with the hustle and bustle of city life. I guess that’s the basis of a vacation and this day and age, a way to cure mental health.

Did you know that the Maiyan swimming pool is the largest in Nanyuki?

Trying out new activities reinvigorates your energy levels as well as inspires you to make changes in your lifestyle. On a romantic level, an exquisite villa environment can inspire sunset tête-à-têtes, private al fresco dining with an in-villa chef, and indulgent poolside lounging.

behind me is the state of the art conference room 

Ensure you book early when coming to this place..

Story published in the People’s Daily Weekendi edition 

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