Lessons from Manu Chandaria

Listening to Manu Chandaria should be one of the must-do things in life if you desire to succeed. The richest businessman in Kenya is so down to earth even with all the accolades that he holds, including having an entire street in India named after him. He has an OBE-Order of British Empire, given to him by the queen of England, together with a CBS and EBS both awarded by president Mwai Kibaki in the year 2013. I mean, that’s the highest award one can get in their lifetime and to me, that’s what impact is all about. Even at age 92, he still keeps himself active and believes that one should work till they die and that he who does not work brings death. Sitting there, listening to him, I could only picture myself 60 years from now, pouring my heart out to the next generation, waiting for them to ask me about some of my failures, mistakes as well as successes.



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