The disease called amnesia is slowly attacking our global world slowly but surely and if you haven’t noticed soon if you are not careful, it will come knocking at your door,, seeking refuge in your God forsaken habitation..I know you may be wondering what the hell is this chile talking about?? Am so glad you asked because am about to shine your eyes on what this disease is all about.. Since I want to look like a doctor..(a course that I once upon a time I had an ambition to become but as you all know life happens and now am caught up in the confusion of figuring out what career works out for me or not). I know that many of you here, are caught up in the nostalgia of who you wanted to be and who you are  right now ..It is the spirit that exists in Africa in this present age. Anyway, before I loose track of my juicy finding, I want to show you what amnesia is an proofs that you are suffering from it.It comes from a Greek word meaning loss of memory because of a psychological trauma or brain damage. One type is called anterograde amnesia which is the inability of the brain to  transfer new information from the short term to the long term memory. People with this type of amnesia cannot remember things for long periods of time.


Now back to where you are, enough of science. People, we are suffering from amnesia. We forget the former days, our days of gloom and doom once we get to our land of Canaan. Remember those days you used to trek all the way from home to work without bus fare and you would go without lunch just to save money for the next day’s fare? Well, now you are doing well, you have a car, a house, a wife, a big tummy as a proof that the nyama choma and beer have not gone to waste. How dare you treat people like trash, especially those who are lower than you?How dare you segregate people and make them feel like they will never rise to where you are?Have you ever met this people who say that they will help you and then they run away from you once they see your phone call?Or they give you numerous excuses as to why they can’t help you at that particular time or give you cash when you ask them?It’s not bitterness, am simply correcting an anomaly. God is watching how you treat people and pride my dear, surely comes before a fall. Remember others, with a heart of humility and God will take you higher..I feel like this is now my new found job I guess, after failing to achieve my childhood dream of being a great paediatrician. I feel like I have to take some people to their past and make them remember who they were before the God of the Universe made them who they are now.. Remember the day that you were once an employee oh yeah employer. Remember how you would curse your boss for not paying you on time while he/she expected your never ending service. Sometimes you wished to quit so that your boss would know just how you felt when he never paid you on time. Now things have turned. You are the employer and now your employees have to beg you to pay them or else you suddenly have amnesia . You think of your bills first and the worst thing is that you make them go for your countless errands paying your bills while their landlord is at the door requesting their rent money.,.Amadioha curse you!! No wonder rich people cry always. No wonder their children are riotous, and they have money but are not satisfied, no wonder their money always goes to the wind, all vanity my friends, all vanity..You want me to understand that you have problems while when I have issues you do want to understand any explanations.. What if one day I suddenly wake up and not do your job?(I know I have received many amens from the numerous workers who feel like they have to give their bosses a piece of their heads not just their minds).I am with you in this comrades. In this journey of pain and sorrow, you are never alone. The good book says that your fellow brethren are also suffering the same injustice so be still and stop your wailing and pity parties expecting us to attend to it.. I want to highlight it so that when one day you become an employer, you don’t treat your workers in this manner. You will pay them first before you pay yourself because God is watching and listening to their cry. You will answer to God how you treated them, be careful not to have amnesia. Its unfair, the spirit of amnesia is slowly killing us and we must refuse to be taken captive of it. This is just part one..part two is coming my die hard funs!!!!

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