After hearing all the buzz about Vera and how she has managed to get her skin changed for just 50 million?..what, 50 million on just skin, skin that one day she will get hit by a bus running late for one of her socialite or socio something stuff and we will be wailing good bye she is gone…What a waste, in my opinion..But anyway its her damn life!! Whether we like her or hate her , I think our hate is only making her famous. I gather she is having an interview now with Aljazeera while you are there hustling, with a ten thousand shillings job that neither manages to feed you or cloth you well as all your stupid salary has been spent on just transport. We have not added food here..

Not encouraging what she has done, but am simply portraying how we all have different values, we all have consciences that speak so loud that before we do such a crazy thing, we’ll be thinking of our brother who needs school fees , our cousin who is in the rural areas and needs cash to start a business, our constantly nagging parents who for one reason or another think that you have all the money in the world to send to them. Not bad, they deserve it considering that they spent their livelihood trying to make you get a good education. You know, I bet you are asking where am heading with all these beating around the bush. Simple, 50 million shillings??? does pretty hurt that much, including hurting our poor finances?

I think we have a problem. When I say we, I include myself in this thing. I am not so holier than thou to say that I don’t ever have the itchy feelings of lack of self confidence aka feeling pretty me or some other hormonal disorder that we women have..We have been lied to by the media, by men, by the society that we are not beautiful. We end up paying a lot of cash doing absurd things like for instance, I read about how women feed on chicken poop just to get a behind or other cases where women stuff some funny behinds just to lie to stupid idiots who are full of lusts that we are what they want..While inside we are rotting terribly..We are dying for attention..We are asking it from the wrong people..Women we have issues, we are sick and we don’t know it but I guess this buzz really has made us shine our eyes as our niger brothers would say..we are heading no where!!!And the worst thing is that our dear beloved men are really drifting away from us, with there being many cases of cheating and a like…

A man who cheats once will cheat again, never be lied to that its your body or beauty that will make him stay with you..Cheating in my opinion is a game of the hearts, where a ,man sit down and carefully calculates how he can mischievously get a never suspecting chile  to be his new catch..Idiots, cheating is in the heart. I know its a cliché but if a guy doesn’t love you for who you are, he will leave you just the way you are once that thing that attracted him to you is not there any more. A man who has not learnt to tame his adventures will not be tamed by you hurting yourself to be beautiful. You are the one who will end up being hurt. Can’t you learnt from your friends and the never ending soap operas ..(ooo how I love soap operas) of these rejects who try to gain the unending love of a man who in the end marries the starring lol…it always ends like this..This is not just a soap opera…Its how life is..Snap out of it and be bold enough to love your self..Am not saying this because am there, I am with you in this journey because I too struggle with finding the right person who will love me for me and not insist on the never ending demands of how I should look or what he wants…But there are higher powers..I believe that God will bring the right man, who will love you and believe in you because you are special. I pen off.

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