Before you say yes, think twice baby girl…

There’s nothing as sweet and romantic as seeing a man propose to a woman. Be it on TV, or live on the streets, its the most beautiful sight you can ever watch. Reminds me of this story I did of a man who waited till 3 o”clock at midnight to propose. Do you know the reason that he gave?You’ll laugh off your socks! Ati during that time the angels move to and fro the earth and maybe they’ll soften the girls heart to say yes..May be his theory is true, because by the end of the night, he had a good thing. Men go through a lot just to put together that one event, but baby girl, just wait before you scream your lungs out saying yes, committing to something you nothing about.

Today, am pouring my heart out to women. I am a woman. I love being one. I don’t know what I could have done if one day I woke up talking in base and having an Adams apple. I would yell and scream, the worst is having those funny wet dreams each time you are crazy in love with a chik…wolololo…I read about that and I said men have problems. But the worst of them all is choosing or rather finding a woman to live with for the rest of your life. Even the Bible clearly states that he who finds…meaning God gives a man the task of finding one person out of is it 2 billion or 3..please correct me..I think these stats have been overrated..Kwani we have never moved to like 5 billion ama hata 20 now that presently I see women pregnant everywhere and baby showers?Is it just me who has noticed this ama am seeing my own things?However, don’t think am hating, just an observation..

And yes, there are that number of women in the world waiting for one or ten men. And men finally find women that suit them…Really Ahhhhh…not really? I have observed many things, read and gone through many things with men that I have come to one conclusion, men marry whoever they choose to marry. Be it a pope or satan going to hell, they all are wired with one thing in mind…That’s why baby girl you have to be careful men. Just because a man has given you a ring doesn’t mean he loves you with the right reasons..Are you ready to hear me out?Kindly note, I write this because I love you and I don’t want to see your life being wasted…Thats why am single up to this date.It’s not a curse, its preparation for me, let it be for you too baby girl regardless of the pressure and loneliness, better late than sorry..

Does he keep on telling you that you’ll be the mother of his baby?I have a lot of issues with this phrase as much as some women think that its catchy and all lovy dovy..My friend,if you look deeper, this man only (probably not all men who say this goofy word are) his desire is just to have children. Maybe baby boys running around the house. You are just a baby machine in short. The day maybe he learns that you are barren, he’ll leave you like a plague and tell another sister girl that stupid phrase. I believe that love is deeper than having children. Pastor Nina’s testimony which was on TV really touched my heart to know that love and marriage is deeper than having kids, its having each other, it sharing the gift of love with another person, their joys and sorrows.. So please help us God, never forget this phrase!!!

Does he tell you that you are his life and that he can’t live without you? As much as that maybe true, its a very dangerous phrase. Enjoy love with people, but know this, people will disappoint you greatly. The only person you have in this world is God. When you anchor your life in Him, whether the joker acts well or not, nothing will ever move you. Your life will continue. Of course God is faithful and will give you a person who will love you twice as much but make sure you don’t turn the guy into a god or you’ll see wonders! I believe that most of the disappointment we have in relationships is because we put do much trust in people such threat when they leave, they leave with all of us. I have gone through this, thats why am speaking with so much ump!

There is other breed of men. Please don’t label me a men hater. I love men, I just see anomalies and I contemplate deeply about them. They are of age, desperate, they are looking for people who will cook, clean, just a status in the society to prove that they are married.Jesus, run from these ones..Yes, there is a level of desperation, a time when someone just goes for anyone they meet. But there is another one whereby the guy will just have a you as a wife and leave you in the house to say to people that he has a wife. You’ll get food,clothing, shelter, your kids will go to school but you will never have his heart. And marriage is all about hearts. You will be like a bother to him. You will start wondering how the sweet man who said will give you the world is now giving you something else. He will come home late, go for parties, behave as if he’s a single guy and the worst thing is that you can’t question him. Why? He’s the man of the house, Jogoo (Cockerel)..Nkt..No wonder they behave as such. Just everywhere impregnating women and then when they die you find out that they have one million kids everywhere..Bae (I hate this word) If you are a man and you are my fun and you have this stupid habit, respect yourself as a man and stop such nonsense shenzitype.. You are hurting people, and God will haunt you down. hey, does God look like this???LOL

My words are many. I’ll revisit this topic again. Baby girl, while men are told to guard their eyes, guard your ears. Men say many things, and if you listen carefully when you are sober you will really tell what a man is saying and what he is truly after. A real man will genuinely love you and will want to spend the rest of his life with you not because of anything but he feels destiny connecting you two.Its about fulfilling a course not just going out for coffee dates and letting a man waste your life. I’ve been there, done that, bought a packet of chips and smokies with it..(dont think am cheap coz i love smokies…lol.. am an addict). You are precious, live and act like one.


  1. ati wet dreams wololo…..that made my day. moving on, you’ll be pleased to know were 7billion as of last year.

    loved the article but I think the blog should be called contemplation of a Nairobi feminist #justsaying ☺☺☺☺

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