The thing in between these legs

His bald head and bushy eyebrows  are the only features I can recall about him. Well, don’t blame me, am not good at describing people. I’m still trying to read books that can assist me in this. It will be a disaster to let me give you directions to any place. Well, at least there’s one more thing I remember about him. His paunch. That smooth, round protruding thing that most Nairobi men think is a sign of wealth and health. I hate that thing. Let me not get there. It will spoil my mood and the way I have psyche for writing. With a smile on his face, he boldly declared that he had just slept with a class four pupil all because he found no love and the thing between his legs was aching to ‘enter’ some socket.

That statement, like many other people, made me almost say yakh. Disgusting son of a bi****. How could you? Go F**** someone your age. I was about to throw the first stone, just like that woman caught in adultery did. I think I would have been the first to do so. But I stopped and said to myself. Don’t we all have a hand in this?This is the monster that we have all participated to create. Directly or indirectly. Before you stone me, lets do this maths shall we?


This man is someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s sister, someone’s neighbor, someone’s nephew. I hear he’s a faithful church goer, never misses church even one Sunday. A hustler in Sotik, a rural town perched in a hill, just 50km from Kericho. He was once a comrade, as indicated on his face book, meaning that this is an intelligent man performing these heinous act. He was once someone’s EX, or rather some chick with a fake hair and nails said No to him leaving his heart shuttered into pieces. Love is a serious thing men. Makes us do crazy things and its unfortunate that in this society, you have to be somebody for some young girl to even smile at you. I think that’s why he took it by force! I understand his desperation.

We are a society, we are a body and whatever we do affects other people, whether we acknowledge it or not. Despite the fact that this man was a church goer, taught the best ideals by his parents, somehow, with his bushy mindset, he believed all that we told him. We, the society told him that for him to be a man, he has to fu*** as many girls as possible and since nowadays chilez are wiser, the only way was to do it with young girls. Its just that they haven’t been caught yet, but some men in this generation have a distorted mindset on what relationships are all about. They brag about their experience in bed, some going to the extent of creating blogs just to glorify their shameful behavior. We have music videos, all talking about sex and money as if its the only thing that we should eat and drink. What do you think? We have leaders, performing this act in broad daylight, with kids who are young enough to be their granddaughters. Maybe, just saying, the people who arrested him too have their own skeletons in the closet and this man Alfayo is in the cells laughing, secretly saying that you are all like me. Its just that you haven’t been caught yet.


It boils back to the parents. What are we teaching our boys about relationships? What are we training them to believe who women are? Most parents train their children to be successful in business but horrible relational beings. There’s a verse that says, train up a child in the way they should go and they will not forget it. There’s that one thing that if you train your child on, they will never forget or wonder from it. I know am saying the truth coz there are many things that my parents instilled in me from when I was young and I still uphold them. They have never left my heart. So I know it works, if we choose to work it.

In conclusion, garbage in=garbage out. We can’t expect to have all this negativity in our society and produce productive human beings, who are safe to leave our kids with or even hang around and get married to them. I’ve done the math, do you still want me to show you how  this son of a b*** is your own creation?

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