Welcome to the robot age!!!

I met this man yesterday. He was tall, had well maintained dreadlocks which blended so well with his side burns and a cute smile. It was cute because of his dimples. Those deep holes on the side of his cheeks made him look so innocent. That smile could melt those tough feministas who have vowed never get hitched. I can take this statement to the bank and cash in  lots of money.

There was one thing though that caught my attention beyond his handsome self. He has a plastered leg which restrained him from doing what he loved best. Being on the ground with his camera. Getting great shots here and there. I know this because its what he said to his colleagues when they teased him and his leg.I hope it didn’t affect him inwardly and that his cute smile was also reflecting on the inside. But it was affirmed when we finally got a chance to talk and he told me about his broken leg. But he didn’t start from there. He started with his drinking problem and how it has landed him in so much trouble.

He told me that he has to order a bottle of beer first before he starts revealing the story behind the plastered leg. He asked me whether I drink. I told him I loved being as sober as a judge awaiting to give my verdict on issues lol…He laughed and a bottle of cold Guinness was handed over to him by this dark waitress who was shivering from the cool weather as it was evening already. He noticed that I was staring curiously at the waiter and he changed my focus by telling me about his mighty fall.

” My best friend pushed me down the stairs. We were drunk both of us and started an argument about this chick we both liked. The all over sudden he got as furious as hell and pushed me. It took me reaching home and regaining some soberness to realize that my leg was numb. I couldn’t move. So I called my neighbor (thank God for the nyumba kumi system in our apartment) and he took me to the hospital. That’s why I have the plaster, he now began to scratch his head. I think he had began to feel a little bit tipsy, I don’t know. But he was now open about himself than the first hours when we met.


He ordered another drink and another drink. I saw ten thousand shillings go right infront of my eyes. And the way am broke, my bad hair day can testify. I almost told him kindly spare me just a thousand shillings just for my hair. But again, men sometimes can be men. You might end up paying that one thousand all your life. He looked at me, his brown eyes trying to search out whether i approved of his behavior. Whether my soberness would judge his callous way of living. I just smiled.

“So how about you? I told you how I broke my leg,. you tell me how you broke your teeth?”

I fell down stairs from the 2nd floor to first floor.

What? Ouch.. he said alarmed and trying to feel the pain that I felt.

Was it recent?

Nop. Unlike you, mine happened when I was nine years old. I was such a tom boy. My mum left me taking care of my siblings and I in turn left the house to play. When I fell I was rushed to the hospital and when my mum was told about it instead of feeling pity for me, she beat me in the hospital, with my swollen mouth. I was grounded for a month. I swear I will never forget that day.

Am so sorry.

That’s nine years ago. I’m already done with that only that I really want my teeth fixed. Like go for a surgery and reconstruct them and stuff.

He looked at me as though he was going to say, I’ll pay for you. And then  he smiled and said don’t worry, you’ll get cash and you’ll fix it. NKT..not the answer I wanted.

Are you dating? I asked, curious to find out more on his love life.

That’s another area where am broken. A lot has happened to me. I don’t want to ever be emotionally involved with women.


Once upon a time, a woman I loved had an affair with my boss and I never knew it. And my boss too didn’t know it. That’s one.

Number two. A woman I loved and stayed with left without saying goodbye simply because I was called for a shoot and did not receive her call.

Number three, a woman that I loved had kids and didn’t tell me even after we had a child together. Now you see why am numb about this whole thing? he said, calling the waiter for another bottle.

Waah that’s a lot of pain men.. I was interrupted by a call that I was leaving the place and as usual, I didn’t leave without his number. Mischievous me..:)

I asked him to flash my number first, forgetting that I have a kambambe phone wooiiii….so now when it finally rang embarrassing me greatly, I told him how my phone was stolen and that I was “not intending” to buy another one. Well, the truth is I don’t have the cash now to do so lol…he brushed it off like he didn’t care what I said, we hugged and I left the place with many thoughts in my head. I couldn’t help but wonder how we have all turned into robots,  lifeless by events that have made us cold and numb, made us dead to what makes us humans:emotions. So many people are hurting, they are broken, draining all their money away, in alcohol, women, bets, just to feel alive again, to make them forget. We date men and women who are lifeless, with no commitment or emotions, cold lifeless bodies, dead men and women walking, numbed by the pains of life. they have nothing to offer but hurt and pain. Such is the age we live now. I call it the robot age!!!




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