In honor of Maya Angelou

1401294624-mayaangelou Maya Angelou was one of the most remarkable woman I have ever read about. I say read about because daaahhhh I am not in the US, am so in Africa and you are too so stop acting like she was one of your neighbors. It’s amazing how when great people die people are so quick to say nice things they have heard, read or known about the person. I often ask myself why people don’t acknowledge anyone when they are alive, or say thank you or I love you while they are alive. I say this again, it s the living, only the living who deserve praise. Let the dead go to the dead..Harsh Ha!!! But it’s the truth. Lets develop a culture of appreciating the living. At least when they die they won’t find time to come and haunt you for not saying the truth while they lived.

Since we are still on this Maya Angelou business, I have one famous quote that I want to share. This quote really moves my heart to pieces when I ponder about it. Maya once said, and I quote,

“I don’t trust people who don’t love themselves and tell me, ‘I love you.’ … There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.”

I love this. The good book says that if you don’t love yourself, you don’t love anyone. Let me expound on it further. Whatever you do to another person mirrors exactly what you think about yourself. Today, I won’t be harsh on men alone but women as well. Any man that beats his woman and later on says that he loves her does not love himself at all. Since I love expressing myself with my stories, let me give you one. There was this once I met this guy, a very nice guy who seriously had a roving eye. I pity the woman whose attention those eyes got. I can only imagine the kind of warfare she undergoes with numerous women thronging to get the attention of her so called man. I feel like advising her. Should I? Kindly allow me to. Well, girl, for such a man, you really need to be brave and courageous, for the journey is too..ooops forgive my broken English, very loonggg….You will need to eat for you to fight and be the sole survivor. If she could have heard Maya speaking from the beginning, she would have known that the guy is not and will never be serious with her. Anyway, its a free world, we all have the freedom to choose the path to take, even if it leads us straight to hell…

Jeeezzzz…my story is not over yet. The guy wanted his roving eyes to meet mine but I ducked away. At least I was enlightened by Maya Angelou before I walked right into a disaster! OOo and another thing…any man who borrows money from his girlfriend and does not pay back is worse than an infidel…Gosh am trying to reckon just where I have heard that word infidel..oooo..the good I remember! Taking advantage of your girlfriend, manipulating them to do what you want and threatening them that you’ll leave them is a sign of self hatred. Yes, you heard me seriously hate yourself. You loathe who you are that’s why you can’t stand to see anyone loving who they are. You have to threaten them as you don’t believe that you have the ability to stand up on your own..Grow up man!! The world doesn’t revolve around you. Maybe now you will hear Maya Angelou saying, I don’t trust you boy…Love yourself first and you will treat others better..much better.. Women will feel nice around you. You will make them bloom…Let me remind you that a good woman is the glory of a man. She will become all that you envision and tell her to be. Note that I have placed the word good there not as a decoration. We women can be vicious and wicked. So, Maya Angelou says, love yourself. Any woman who lies to a man that she loves and empties his bank account leaving him broke busted and disgusted hates herself so much. How can you do that? Don’t worry, Khama is very funny and a woman for that matter. It will haunt you down and you will never be happy in this life. You have serious insecurity issues. Ooo and another thing, any woman who steals someone’s husband and pretends as if nothing has happened hates herself so much. You love being in pain thats why you inflict pain on others.

So in honor of Maya Angelou, I beseech you brethren, let us love ourselves purely and entirely. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. It is only then can we have the ability to love and appreciate others while they are still alive…

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